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8.1.0 - Supports 2 built-in Payloads: the user can change between Sysc36 & PL3 from the Settings Menu.
Updated the Payload detection function to supports all known payloads (3.41 & 3.55).
New [USB Mount] option that enables loading of known "Black Screen Games" from external USB drive.
[USB Mount] can only be used with CFW 3.55 (3.41 not supported), Split-Games also not supported.
Optimized the Game Copy function for better/faster operations.
Fixed the Progress-bar bug that was freezing at 99%, no more freezing.
New FT Font is used instead of the Debug font, Japanese titles shows fine now.
Added new D-pad List navigation & L2/R2 scrolling functions to support the new Font.
Fixed the Delay problem experienced in version 8.0 on Game's Background Image Loading.
Changed the Auto-fix-permissions to [L1+R3] = Fix_selected_Game Permissions on internal/external HDD.
Fixed the "Protected Mode" bug that prevented it from saving it's last state on startup.
Fixed the ScreenSaver bug that triggered it after Game Copy/Delete functions.
Removed the initial Setup sequence on Startup and used Default settings for faster operation.
Removed Un-used functions from the Settings Menu for simpler usage.
Full Games Folders Auto-Detection,no more Games Folder Setup required,it's all Automated.
Auto-Move of Games folder if found inside an old manager folder is now Optional on First Run.
PS3 system version is now Auto-Detected on each Startup,not required anymore from Settings.
BD-ROM Game Dump will be stored now using the Game's Title Name instead of the Game's Title ID.
Added Grayscale effect for Split-Games in Games List (Will show them in Black/White colors).
Added a Blurry Background Effect on Games List to allow better Titles/Names readability



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