multiMAN v01.16.08 Released – FW 3.60 Spoofing

PS3 Hacked

ویژگی های این ورزن از برنامه:

* NTFS support for external USB HDD (START+/\ to switch to NTFS driver)
* USB.CFG configuration file edit required: 0xVNID:0xPRID:V (vendor ID, product ID, V=number of volumes)
* Only copy from NTFS is supported - nothing more, nothing less
* Folder/File copy in FileManager from NTFS volumes
* Merging split files while copying from NTFS is not supported (only 1:1 copy)
* Altered display modes 1, 2, 3 and 4 (small device icon in lower right corner)
* Fixed 99% progress bar freeze
* Fixed "not enough space on destination drive" in rare cases
* New cache convention
* Added support for 3.56 spoof
* Probably a lot of other things...
* Freetype font support for File Manager mode
* Cool (real) mouse pointer for File Manager mode
* Added "screenshot" to RAW (ARGB) file format in control console
* Added some changes to display modes 1, 2 and 3
* Added boot logo
* Major interface speed improvement
* New options in the options.ini:
- lock_display_mode - lock selected display mode
- parental_level - set game parental level PIN protection
- parental_pass - PIN code
* New legend image for display modes 1, 2 and 3
* Drop shadow added to File manager texts
* Some more speed optimization
* Added: last selected/launched game remembered for next MM start
* Added: parental control to File Manager (launching EBOOT.BINs)
* Added: "restart" command to control console
* Added: support for games without PIC1.PNG (using PIC0.PNG)
* Fixed options.ini parsing (for lock_display_mode)
* Fixed lock after multiple NTFS->FAT mode switching
* Fixed lock when starting game EBOOT.BINs directly from File Manager
* Removed prompt/requirement for BD game disc when launching BSG games
* Added: [START]+[R2] to screen capture in RGB RAW format (to /dev_hdd0 or usb)
* Added: support for games without PIC0/1/2.PNG (delete cache folder)
* Added: "launch" pkg files from File Manager (install manually from XMB)
* Added: Refresh/delete/copy won't change currently selected game in the list
* Fixed: shadow copy function in File Manager ([R3])



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ساعت10:45---19 تير 1390
آیا این برنامه به ورژن 3.55 می خورد اگر نمی خورد ورژن هک 3.60 را هم بزارید برای دانلود و استفاده کنیم

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